Floral Elixirs are subtle, liquid, energized preparations, obtained by a solar infusion process

allowing a re-harmonization of our emotions and the expression of a dynamic of personal transformation .

Doctor Edward Bach (1886-1936) is considered to be the creator of flower essences (Bach flowers).

The success of Bach flowers led from the 1980s on a worldwide movement of experimentation.

and research of new essences from all continents.

Each flower has the power to resonate with other living beings

in order to make a negative state evolve to transform it into a positive potential.

These "pearls of consciousness" act on our energy system as catalysts of transformation and allow it to self-balance, to connect us to our feelings, to our very essence to find inner peace and lead us to an opening of the consciousness.

The essences influence all living beings and are also used in the animal world (dog, cat, horse, etc ...).

Floritherapy is a great tool for our mental / emotional balance and

a precious help of self-knowledge on our inner journey.

These floral compounds can be used for temporary or prolonged states and

have the advantage of not presenting any contraindication or side effects.

First of all inspired by the work of Doctor Bach,